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Guarding Against Wind Roof Damage: Essential Inspection and Repair Tips

When strong winds blow through your area your roof acts as the barrier. 

However, how can you determine whether it has endured the attack or if damage from the wind has weakened it? 

This piece serves as a resource to help you recognize, manage, and avoid harm caused by wind on your roof. 

From recognizing the indicators of damage to fixing suggestions and handling insurance claims you'll acquire the necessary measures to protect your home's defense against nature's forces.

Key Takeaways

  • Don't sit around waiting for a real-life sequel to 'Gone with the Wind'! Strong winds can sweep away your roof's shingles. Weaken its strong defenses.

  • It's important to investigate your roof after a storm. Absent granules and shingles act as clues indicating that your roof has suffered wind damage.

  • Ensure your insurance claims are successful, by documenting the wind damage. It's best to seek help for repairs as DIY isn't recommended when it comes to fixing your roof.

Understanding Wind Roof Damage: How It Happens

wind roof damage: roof repair north jersey

Think of your roof as a fighter in the boxing ring. Tough and resilient. 

Still vulnerable to damage. 

Wind damage to your roof is like a surprise punch that can catch you off guard. 

When powerful winds hit your roof they don't just remove shingles; they also create pressure points that can lead to issues. 

Knowing the risks can help you protect your home.

Picture the chaos starting at 30 mph. 

Your roof is put to the test. 

But when the wind picks up to over 58 mph that's when things get really intense; trees uprooted, shingles flying and your peaceful home looking like it's been through a storm.

Uplift and Your Roof

Picture a burst of wind sneaking beneath a shingle on your rooftop causing it to fold like a strongman bending metal albeit, with flair. 

This fold resembles a scar indicating where the wind's force has left its mark.

If you notice any curling asphalt shingles, it's a signal that your roof may need some attention before it gives up on you completely.

Vulnerable Areas on Your Roof

Lets talk about the spots on your roof.

The edges and other areas under pressure are where the strong exterior of your roof can weaken, similar to a cookie softening in milk.

These areas are like the spots in a knight's armor susceptible to a blow from the wind.

If you notice shingles peeling at the edges, it's more than unsightly; it's a warning sign prompting you to address some roof repairs.

Identifying Signs of Wind Damage on Your Roof

wind roof damage: roof repair north jersey

After a storm hits your area don't just sit back. 

Hope for the best. 

Put on your investigator hat. 

Start searching for signs of wind damage on your roof. 

Sometimes the damage is glaringly obvious like a missing puzzle piece while at times it's as subtle as an intruder, in the night.

You may have to squint a little from below.

If you notice flapping or warped shingles, it's time to take action because that's wind damage trying to settle in.

Dislodged or Missing Shingles

Neglecting the appearance is not the concern when shingles go missing or get displaced, it's akin to leaving your home vulnerable to various unwanted guests like water damage, mold and unexpected interior renovations. 

Moreover, if you happen to notice entire shingles missing it's basically like putting up a signboard that screams out your roof's susceptibility to any passing storm.

Remember your roof's strength is only as good as its point and using top notch fasteners is the ingredient, in ensuring those shingles stay put during turbulent weather.

Granule Loss from Asphalt Shingles

The erosion of granules from asphalt shingles may not grab attention like breaking news but it's akin to sunburn for your roof – over time it. 

Accelerates the aging process. 

If you notice an increase in granules in your downspouts compared to a child's sandbox it's an indication that your roof needs some assistance.

The protective granules on asphalt shingles play a role, as heroes safeguarding your roof against UV rays and potential fire hazards.

Immediate Steps After Detecting Wind Damage

So, you’ve found a leak in your roof that's causing some damage. 

What should you do next? 

Don’t just stand there—act quickly! 

Taking pictures and notes of the damage caused by the leak is like collecting evidence for a case.

If you don't want waterfalls, in your home it's time to call a roofer away to evaluate the situation.

Secure the Roof Temporarily

While you wait for help to arrive, consider acting like a Boy Scout and get ready. 

Take some tarps or boards. 

Start covering up any areas to avoid turning your space into an indoor swimming pool. 

It's about being proactive. 

It's also about following the guidelines set by insurance companies, which usually mandate fixes to prevent more harm.

Document the Damage Thoroughly

When dealing with insurance claims consider your documentation, as your ally. 

Utilizing both images and videos can be the factor in determining whether you receive a settlement or strike it big. 

However, always prioritize your safety above all else. 

Ensure to stay grounded while allowing your camera to capture all the details.

It's essential to retain receipts, for any repairs you have undertaken—they serve as assets in ensuring the approval of your claim.

The Insurance Claim Process for Wind Roof Damage

wind roof damage: roof repair north jersey

When dealing with insurance claims after wind damage it's, like navigating through a board game such as Monopoly – knowing the rules is key to success. Below are some steps to take:

  1. First review your homeowner's insurance policy to confirm coverage for wind damage and grasp the details.

2. If the damage goes beyond a few missing shingles proceed to file a claim.

3. Consult with a roofing contractor who can assist in assessing whether the damage warrants going through the process.

By following these guidelines you'll be better equipped to handle insurance matters, with your selected insurance provider.

Understanding Your Coverage

Before considering ascending the ladder to assess the damage it's wise to review your insurance policy. 

Homeowners insurance policies often provide coverage for wind related incidents, such as fallen trees or displaced shingles. 

However, if the roofing problems stem from an installation your coverage may not apply as improper installation issues are usually excluded.

Preparing for the Adjuster's Visit

When the insurance adjuster schedules a playdate with your roof, resist the urge to make any big roof repairs before they arrive. 

It’s like cleaning up before the maid comes—you might accidentally sweep some important evidence under the rug. 

Let the adjuster see your roof in its wind-tossed glory, so they have all the juicy details to work with when they write up their report.

Selecting a Reputable Roofing Contractor for Repairs

Choosing a contractor is like picking a dance partner.

They should know the moves and keep up with the rhythm. 

A trustworthy contractor is key to bringing back your roof's charm.

Finding a contractor with licensing and insurance is akin to having a safety cushion as you navigate through the challenges of roof maintenance.

Evaluating Roofing Contractors

When searching for a contractor don't be swayed solely by a logo and persuasive sales pitch.

 It's crucial to consider their expertise in handling your roofing material and verify their history of customers.

A reliable contractor will not just repair the damage. Also tackle any obstacles that may arise.

Roof Repair vs. Replacement Decisions

Determining whether to fix your wind damaged roof or go for a roof replacement is akin to deciding between a fix and a more extensive solution—ultimately contingent on the seriousness of the damage.

An experienced contractor can assist you in evaluating the advantages and disadvantages taking into account factors such as the age of your roof, the level of damage sustained and what your insurance policy includes.

Preventative Measures to Protect Your Roof from Wind Damage

wind roof damage: roof repair north jersey

Why not be proactive. 

Protect your roof from wind damage or wait for it to happen? 

Think strategically like a chess player. Strategize your defense. 

Reinforced impact resistant materials act as your frontline soldiers in safeguarding your roof, against the forces of the wind.

Regular Roof Inspections

Regular roof inspections are similar to routine health checkups as they help maintain functioning and identify problems. 

Whether it's the impact of aging or damage, from a storm a professional roof inspection can detect issues before they escalate into problems.

Enhanced Roofing Materials and Installation

When looking for a roof that can withstand winds the choice of materials and how they are installed play a role. 

roofs are tough enough to handle wind speeds that could easily damage shingles. 

Additionally contemporary asphalt shingle designs feature seals and sturdy structures to ensure they stay in place during windy conditions.


From the moment you first noticed the effects of the wind on your roof to the steps of ensuring its long-term durability, this experience has empowered you with the skills to withstand winds.

You've become an expert in handling wind damage prepared to assess, safeguard and collaborate with professionals to maintain your roof securely in place. 

Step out confidently. 

Strengthen your defense reader because your roof is your stronghold, and you are its brave protector!

Frequently Asked Questions

What wind speeds can start to cause roof damage?

Let the professionals handle roof inspections. 

They have the expertise to detect wind damage that you might overlook from below. 

Besides, it's a reason to steer clear of climbing up a ladder!

What should I do immediately after noticing wind damage on my roof?

Take some photos and use tarps or boards to cover any holes to prevent further damage and contact a professional roofer to handle the job. 

No need to be a DIY hero, on the roof. 

Let the experts handle it.

Will my homeowner's insurance cover wind damage to my roof?

Make sure to review your home insurance policy to confirm it includes protection for wind related roof damage. 

Keep in mind that coverage terms can differ and some policies might not address problems such as installation. 

Don't risk losing your roof without checking!

How can I prevent wind damage to my roof in the future?

Ensure your roof stays safe from wind damage by scheduling roof inspections with professionals. 

Get impact shingles or metal roofing and ensure proper installation methods. 

It's important to show your roof some care and protection!

Please contact Roof Repair North Jersey for any inquires!

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